Tape Hair Extensions

Tape Hair Extensions

by Serena Martin on November 22, 2011

Tape hair extensions are all the rage in the world of hair extensions. These extensions (also known as Seamless Extension) are so great because they are easy to apply, virtually undetectable, and in general safe for most people. If you’ve always been a champion of the traditional clip in hair extensions, then tape hair extensions might be right up your alley too! There are in fact some benefits to tape hair extensions over traditional clip ins.

Tape hair extensions are just as the name implies. The hair is attached to a clear adhesive tape which is attached to your scalp. Tape hair extensions can be worn long term or only for a short period of time, and like other extensions, they come in a variety of colors and textures. The most popular method to apply tape hair extensions is called the sandwich method. This is where your own hair is sectioned off, and then sandwiched between the wefts of tape extensions.

This new extension actually uses the same approach used to apply lace front wigs. The tape that is used is clear so your own scalp can be seen, not hidden by metal clips. Because of this, the extensions are virtually undetectable. You do not need to fear that your clips will show through your hair, and you no long have to avoid updos.

The hair extensions cost of these tape extensions can run anywhere from $100 to $500. It may even cost more if you get it done at a salon. If you are concerned about applying these extensions yourself, or are a novice, then you are better off going to a trained stylist. They can advise you on the best color and texture to match to your own hair, and then cut and style the extensions so that it blends seamlessly with your own hair.

Tape hair extensions can also be treated like your own hair. You can wash and condition your hair like you normally would. However, you should be careful to avoid putting too many oil based products on your tape hair extensions because it may loosen the adhesiveness of the tape.

Because they are also light weight, they are very comfortable to wear. They also do not put too much tension on your own hair and are even suitable for people with fine hair. These extensions can last for several months if properly maintained. It is best to remove the extensions after a month of wearing in order to let your scalp breathe and prevent any hair loss or damage from continued taping and removal.

As with any hair extensions you apply, the main consideration is to have it look as natural as possible. Tape hair extensions can give you the option to have long natural looking hair that is easy to apply. If you’re looking for a semi-permanent hair extension that is versatile and undetectable, then tape hair extensions may be just for you.

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