Ken Paves Hair Extensions

Ken Paves Hair Extensions

by Serena Martin on June 21, 2012

Ken Paves is one of the most renowned hairdressers in Hollywood. He has created flawless hairstyles for top celebrities, and his list of clients include Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion and Jessica Alba just to name a few. Paves has also been at the forefront of the hair extensions craze as co-founder or Hair U Wear. He also created a line of hair extensions and wigs with his friend and client, Jessica Simpson called Hairdo.

Hairdo features and extensive line of human and synthetic extensions and wigs at affordable prices. This line includes clip in extensions for bangs, ponytails, and of course volume and hair extensions. The synthetic versions are made of Kanekalon Vibralite fiber.

Ken Paves hair extensions come in a variety of colors ranging from black to Jessica Simpsons iconic blonde locks. All of the looks are designed by Paves and inspired by his muse, Simpson. The extensions come in one multilevel contoured piece that can be attached instantly with the included clips.

In general, these are great extensions for the price. They are a good choice for people just starting out with extensions because it is very easy to apply at home, without the aid of a stylist (which will also save you a pretty penny). And the best part is that it only takes you minutes to apply, and transform your look.

If you plan on getting the synthetic versions, be aware that while they do look great out the bag and for the first few wearings, the shine and luster will fade overtime, especially after you wash it. Synthetic hair also tends to tangle easily, so be sure to brush it gently after each use.

The price for Ken Paves hair extensions ranges depending on the type of hair, length and style you’re looking for. Human hair will cost more, as will longer extensions. I’ve seen prices for go up to $300-$500, but in general, the average price for Hairdo is around $100-$200. This line offers several great pieces for under $100 as well, so if you’re looking for an easy and relatively inexpensive extension, Ken Paves hair extensions may be worth checking out.

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