Hair Pieces For Weddings

Hair Pieces for Weddings – The Hottest Trend for your Big Day

by Serena Martin on October 21, 2011

Hair pieces for weddings are one of the hottest trends for brides today.  Brides want to look their best on their wedding day and for most, there is no better option than hair extensions.  Hair extensions can help complete your look and leave you looking glamorous on your wedding day.

Types of Hair Pieces for Weddings

There are a few types of hair pieces for weddings available to you:  long term extensions, clip on extensions, and full hair pieces.

Hair Extensions

If you have trouble growing your hair or don’t think you could grow it long enough in time for your wedding, then hair extensions could be the right choice for you.  You just need to determine how long you want to keep them in for.

Long term hair extensions can last up to six months if they are maintained.  These are typically glued or braided in and you would likely have to get this performed at a salon.  Clip on hair extensions cost less, and are more temporary- take them out at the end of the day and be ready for that honeymoon.

Full Hair Pieces for Weddings

Another option is full hair pieces.  These are removed at the end of the day like the clip ons, but are made from real hair.  They also give the hair more volume and will give it a much fuller look.  This is great for ladies with thin hair, or hair that is difficult to manage.

Hair Extensions Cost

The costs for hair pieces for weddings can vary.  Long term procedures can be pricey, likely $500 and up. This may end up being too expensive for many brides, especially considering all of the other costs that go into a wedding.

Clip ons are much more cost effective.  They can be bought for as low as $20.  If you are looking to save some money on your big day then these might be your best option.

For the best idea, please check out my article on how much hair extensions cost.

Ladies now have many options for their hair on their wedding day.  Hair pieces for weddings can be a great option for those looking to do something fun that looks great for their big day.

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