Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Hair Extensions For Short Hair

by Serena Martin on November 6, 2011

Hair Extensions for short hair are a great way to instantly transform your look by adding length and thickness to create long flowing locks. However, there may be some challenges that come with getting hair extensions for short hair. The most common problem is that the extensions can sometimes come out looking unnatural, or are very noticeable if it has not been blended in properly because the hair is so short. Because of this, many women with short hair put off getting extensions because they think it won’t look good on them. But if you’ve got short hair, you can still get hair extensions. There are a great variety of extensions and attachment methods out there, so that most anyone, even people with very short hair can get them.

When you are deciding what kind of extensions to get, there are many factors to consider, such as the length and texture of your own hair. If you have thin hair, it may be more difficult to hide the extensions, especially if your hair is also short. Ideally, you should have a least a few inches of length to your hair so that the extensions are not noticeable at the attachment point.

Choosing the correct hair extensions is vital for people with short hair. You will get the best results if your hair is thick at the scalp so that it can easily hide the hair extension bonds. One type of extension to avoid if your hair is short are clip on extensions. Since clip ons are attached with metal clips built in to the extensions, it will not be able to get a good grip on very short hair and stay in place. Clip on extensions can also look bulky, so it may look very noticeable if you use them with short hair.

The best methods for applying hair extensions for short hair are with the fusion method, and glue-in method. Fusion extensions are great for people with cropped hair. The fusion technique applies the extension to your hair using a keratin based polymer and heat. This is a recommended attachment method because it is the least detectable. The fusion method is also one of the more expensive options out there, but you do get your money’s worth since it is also the most natural looking.

For people who only have a few inches of hair, you may want to consider the glue-in method to apply your extensions. With this technique, wefts of hair are attached to your scalp with hot glue starting from the bottom and working their way up. This method may not be advisable for people with extremely short hair since the weft part can become very noticeable if done incorrectly.

The length of your own hair often dictates what type of hair extensions you should get. Do not be tempted to get very long hair extensions if your hair is short because it can put too much strain on your own hair and may even be painful to wear. It’s best to go with an intermediate length to get the most natural and comfortable look. The secret for attaching hair extensions to short hair is to make sure the length of the attachment is not too long so that it does not weigh down the hair, and also that your own hair is long enough to bond the extension to.

Another thing you should consider is the color of your extensions. Everything will be more noticeable when you try to attach hair extensions to short hair, so color is crucial. You should really try to match your extensions to your own hair color; otherwise it may look very obvious that you are wearing extensions. In order to get the most natural looking extensions, it is best to consult with a professional stylist who will guide you on the best extensions for your length and color of hair.

Adding hair extensions for short hair is not a difficult process–the trick really is how to blend it into your own hair to make it look most natural. It’s important to get your extensions cut and styled once they have been attached. This is where a good stylist is vital! They should be able to style and blend your recently attached extensions so that it looks like it’s all your own hair.

Hair extensions are a great way to add length to your hair without waiting for it to grow out. If you’ve got short hair, don’t think you can’t get extensions. With the right extensions and application methods, you can have long hair too!

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