Feather Hair Extensions

Feather Hair Extensions

by Serena Martin on October 23, 2011

Maybe you’ve read the articles and seen the news reports of angry fly fishermen whose supply of hackles, or fly fishing feathers are being scooped up by salons trying to satisfy the demand for feather hair extensions. Feather hair extensions are the most popular hair trend in 2011. Hollywood celebrities like Steven Tyler, Selena Gomex and Ke$ha are just some of the stars that are rocking feather hair extensions. This trend has now caught on all across the country as women (and men) from all ages are getting in on the bandwagon. We’ll give you the scoop on this hot hair trend that’s sweeping the country.

What are Feather Hair Extensions?

Feather hair extensions are just as the name implies–hair extensions that are made of feathers.But, these are not just any feathers. They come from genetically bred roosters, that are specially bred to grow striking long saddle feathers. It actually takes years and years to breed these roosters.

These feathers are so sought after for hair extensions because they are actually very similar to human hair. This kind of feather can be treated like real hair in that it can be brushed, straightened, curled, and blow dried. They are also very sturdy and can last for up to 3 months. Another benefit of these hair extensions are that it does not damage your hair and are very easy to remove yourself.

feather hair extensions

Feather hair extensions come in a variety of colors from light pastels like lavender and peach to more vibrant colors like electric blue and hot pink. They can dramatically transform your dull hair to looking edgy, to punk rock, to bohemian.

How much do they cost?

Some salons can charge upward of $3 to $20 per knot for attaching your feather hair extensions. The costs can sometimes go over $2,000! If this seems too excessive to you, there are cheaper alternatives you can try.

One option is to apply the extensions yourself, and to purchase the feather hair extensions online. It may be difficult to get these hair extensions, since the demand is so great, but you can try to find them online or you can also try your local fly fishing shop.

The extensions themselves can run anywhere from $5 to $15. However, it’s been reported that the most popular kind of feather hair extension, the grizzly saddle, which is black and white striped has been selling for $40 to $60 per bag. A cheaper alternative you can try is to purchase feathers from other kinds of birds that aren’t so sought after. The feathers can come from any number of birds, like peacocks, emus, roosters, and some are even synthetic. They may also be easier to find as well, since there is less demand for them. However, if you go synthetic, you will not be able to style your hair as you normally would, unless you remove the feather extension from your hair. They will also not last as long as real feather hair extensions.

How to apply Feather Hair Extensions Yourself

As for applying the extensions yourself, it’s not that hard! All you really need are micro links, a micro link needle and a needle nose pliers. You just thread you hair through the micro link and attach the feather and clamp down with the pliers. It’s really that simple. There are many kits you can buy online that will make this task a lot easier. All you really need are these few simple tools , and you’ll be on your way to rocking the hottest hair trend this year!

Feather hair extensions are great for those of you who are dipping their toes in the hair extension world. They come in every color of the rainbow, and are fun and easy to apply yourself! So what are you waiting for? Try it now and transform your look!

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