Curly Hair Extensions

Curly Hair Extensions

by Serena Martin on November 18, 2011

Curly hair extensions are a great way to add texture and volume to your hair. Lots of curly haired starlets like Keri Russell and Minnie Driver have used hair extensions to accentuate their own curly locks, and so can you. They can add volume, texture and length to your own hair, and transform you from so-so to instant stunner.

It can sometimes be difficult to grow curly hair long, and the Shirley Temple look is not the most flattering look for some people. If you’ve got cropped curly locks and want it longer, or if you’ve got straight hair and want a new curly look, curly hair extensions are the answer.

There are so many different textures of curly hair extensions available, it can be overwhelming if you are just getting started. Here, I will break down some of the most popular curl patterns available on the market today.

Deep Wave

-This is a great curl pattern for tighter textured spiral curls.

Romance Wave

-This is a looser type of the deep wave pattern, and like the name implies, it gives more romantic look.


-This curl pattern generally uses naturally curly hair, or permanent curly hair, and looks natural and soft. It is also known as Spanish Wave or Indian Wave.

Curly Hair Extensions

When you are thinking of getting curly hair extensions, it may be tempting to go for something that is totally different from your own texture. However, if your natural hare already has some curl to it, you should really try to match the curly hair extensions to your own hair texture. Mismatched hair textures can be a very unflattering look for most women. In fact, it might make your hair look like a rat’s nest, and nobody wants that! Wavy and curly hair can blend together well, but it’s important to know that if your hair has tighter curls, don’t get hair extensions with looser curls, because when your hair grows out, it will look a mess.

If you’re going from straight hair to curly hair, you should avoid getting fusion or partial weaves. You want to cover all of your natural hair with hair extensions in order to avoid frizzy and puffy looking hair. Your best bet is to go with a full weave, or you can even try getting a full lace front wig.

Once you get the extensions, make sure to care for it properly. If your extensions are made of human hair, you can treat it like you would your own hair. But it’s important to note that curly hair does not have to be washed too often, in order to keep the curls in shape.

Curly hair extensions are a great way to add instant texture to your otherwise dull look. Why not try it for yourself today?

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