Cheap Clip On Hair Extensions

Cheap Clip On Hair Extensions

by Serena Martin on October 28, 2011

Are you looking to try out a new hair style, but don’t quite want to committ to anything just yet? Do you want to shake things up a bit? Or maybe you’ve seen your favorite celebrity’s long, shiny, flowing locks and thought to yourself, “If I only had har as nice as hers!” Well you don’t have to spend thousands at the salons getting permanent hair extnsions. A great alternative is cheap clip on hair extensions. As the name implies, cheap clip on hair extension are hair extensions that you clip onto your own hair with a built in clip. There is no need for hot glues, sewing or other bonding chemicals to attach to your hair. They are also easily attached without having to go to a professional salon. This is the biggest cost benefit of clip on hair extensions –the fact that you do not need a professional stylist to attach them. Like the name says, they are clip on. There is no time intensive glueing or braiding of the hair extention to your own hair.

These extensions are a cheap alternative to some of the more permanent hair extension options out there. Cheap clip on hair extensions cost as low as $10 to hundreds of dollars, depending on several factors. The first is the type of hair you are getting. Synthetic hair is cheaper than 100% human hair, and the best quality human hair is Indian Remy Hair, so it will cost you buku bucks to get this type of extension. Another factor that influences cost is how much extensions you will need. A full head of extensions will run you more. And of course, if you get them done at a salon, you can expect to pay a lot more money than if you did it yourself.

With clip on hair extensions, you have almost instantaneous results, insted of sitting hours in a salon chair.They can be purchased anywhere, from major retailers to online vendors like Beauty Trends for very cheap prices.They are also easy to apply.These extensions are gentler and will not damage your hair, and you can remove them yourself at any time. Another advantage of this is that the actual clip on extensions last longer because you don’t have to wear it to bed.

They’re also simple to use. You can do it in your home in minutes. Basically you attach the clip on hair extension to your own hair with built in metal clips. If you are unsure about how to apply them however, you can also bring it into your salon, and have the stylist assist you for a small fee.

There are a huge variety of cheap clip on hair extensions you can choose from! As with other hair extensions, clip on hair extensions can be made with 100% human hair, or synthetic hair. One of the most popular textured hair extension are straight hair extensions. They go with any look and can add tons of volume to your hair.

Wavy hair extensions are also a very popular type of hair texture. If you’ve every wanted wavy hair, then clip on wavy hair extensions may be just for you! If the extensions are made of human hair, you can even style them with heating products like you would your own hair. With synthetic clip ons you may need to check first. Most synthetic hair extensions will melt or become damaged if flat ironed, curled or blow dried.

Clip on hair extensions gives you variety and versatility. You can choose the placement of the extensions on your head. For example, place more extensions on thinner sections of your hair. Generally each extension piece measures 5-15cm.

You can find them in a smorgasbord of colors as well. Some of the most popular hair extension colors are black, brown, blonde and red.

cheap clip on hair extensions

However, for those of us with a more adventurous funky spirit, flouresent colored or patterend clip on hair extensions are a great investment. There literally are extension in ever color of the rainbow, and any pattern you can imagine. Some of the more daring are cheetah patterned and rainbow patterned.So are you finally tired of your same old look? Try some cheap clip on hair extensions and change up your image and attitude. Hey, if you don’t like it, you can take it off at any time. These are a great affordable alternative to some of the more expensive and permanent extensions out there!

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