buy feather hair extensions

Buy Feather Hair Extensions

by Serena Martin on November 10, 2011

The hottest hair trend today is feather hair extensions. Women (and men) all over are catching on and want to buy feather hair extensions. Even celebrities like Steven Tyler, Ke$ha, and Jennifer Love Hewitt are proudly showing off their feather hair extensions. Salons all across the country are being bombarded by people who want to change up their look by adding feather hair extensions, but you don’t need to go to a salon to get in on this hot trend. In fact, you can buy feather hair extensions and apply them yourself very easily!

Feather hair extensions are made from rooster feathers. Before this trend caught on, the feathers were most popular among fly fishermen who would use the feathers as fly fishing lures. Now, however, salons and people are scooping them all up and making the demand for them great. With high demand comes a high price. The most popular type of feather a black and white one called the grizzly saddle has been selling for $40 to $60 online. Some salons also charge $3 to $30 per knot for attaching these feather hair extensions, so the final cost can be astronomical.

Buy Feather Hair Extensions

Full Head of Feather Hair Extensions

You can usually find these feather hair extensions on online hair supply and beauty stores, or on Ebay.These places have a great variety of colors and are probably the easiest way to get them. Another place you can try to find them is at fly fishing shops. You might get dirty looks from the fly fishermen, but it’s all in the name of beauty!

If you’re having difficulty finding real feather hair extensions, or these prices are outrageous to you, you can take some cheaper short cuts in order to get the latest look for a fraction of the price. One of the ways you can cut the cost of buying feather hair extensions is to opt for synthetic feathers. They also come in a variety of colors, and are a lot easier to find.

Buy Feather Hair Extensions

Another cost cutting tip for you to buy feather hair extensions is to apply them yourself. Salons can charge a lot of money for something that is actually easy to do yourself. You can purchase feather hair extension kits online for a couple of bucks and attach the extensions in minutes yourself! All you have to do is thread your hair through the bead that is attached to the feather hair extension. You can then use a needle nose plier to clamp the bead down and held in place. It’s as easy as that!

There are so many options out there, that it’s impossible not to find a feather hair extension that suits you. They are very versatile and are perfect for any occasion, in any outfit, so try it for yourself today. Let us know what you think about this hot hair trend.

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